Key to Umbria: Gualdo Tadino

Walk around Gualdo Tadino

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                                             Porta San Benedetto                              Rocca Flea

The walk around Gualdo Tadino crosses the centre of the town, from Porta San Benedetto to the Rocca Flea, and then returns along the souther wall to Porta San Benedetto.

The excursions from Gualdo Tadino include:

  1. on Monte Serrasanta

  2. a walk to the Sorgente della Rochetta; 

  3. a walk to San Facondino and the summit of the Colle i Mori (with a possible extension to the summit of Monte Serrasanta for the very fit); and

  4. a drive to the summit of Monte Serrasanta; and

  5. a walk to the excavated site of Roman Tadinum.

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