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Blessed Angelus of Gualdo (15th January)

The Blessed Angelus (ca. 1265-1324) became a lay brother at San Benedetto and then lived for some 30 years as a hermit walled up in his cell near the Monastero di SS Gervasio and Protasio at Capodacqua.  He was buried in San Benedetto and became the patron saint of Gualdo.  The Eremo del Beato Angelo, which was built on the site of his cell at Capodacqua, was consecrated in 1450.  The cult of the Blessed Angelus received papal confirmation in 1633, and he was declared the patron saint of Gualdo in 1643.  His relics were translated to a new chapel dedicated to him off the left wall of San Benedetto in 1924.

St Facundinus (28th August)

The ancient church of San Facondino, which has been excavated slightly to the north of modern Gualdo Tadino, is the earliest evidence of the cult of St Facondinus.  He seems to have been a hermit on Monte Serrasanta who became bishop of Tadinum, perhaps in 599.  His presumed relics, and those of his deacon, St Juventinus, are preserved at the present church San Facondino, which was built (probably in the 11th century) just to the north of its predecessor.

Blessed Martius (24th October)

The Blessed Martius was born in ca. 1210 in Pieve di Compresseto, near Gualdo Tadino.  He joined the new Franciscan community at the Eremo di SS Stefano e Lorenzo in the Valdigorgo in ca. 1219.  When it burned down in ca. 1237, most of the friars moved to a new location, but he and a few companions remained.  They followed the example of St Francis, living in complete poverty and relying on alms from the people of Gualdo.  The Blessed Martius died here in 1301 and was buried here.  When this hermitage (known from at least 1290 as the Eremo di San Marzio) collapsed in ca. 16oo, the relics of the Blessed Martius were moved, in turn, to San Rocco, San Francesco and the Duomo.  The tibia was translated to the Chiesa dell' Assunzione di Maria Vergine, Pieve di Compresseto in 1907.  The cult has never received papal confirmation.  The derelict Eremo di San Marzio was restored in the 1947.

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Bl Tomasuccio of Foligno (15th September)

The Blessed Tomasuccio lived as a hermit outside Gualdo Tadino for some 24 years until ca. 1370.  (He spent the last three years of this period at the Eremo di San Marzio - above).  He then spent a period in Tuscany, during which he became famous for his prophecies, and then moved to Foligno.  He probably belonged to the quasi-Franciscan group known as the Clareni, and received the attentions of the Inquisition on at least three occasions.  He ended his life in ca. 1400 at the Osepdale della SS Trinità, Foligno and his relics are preserved in Sant, Agostino there.  His cult has never received papal confirmation.

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