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Images below link to pages on the most important artists with works in or from Gualdo Tadino.

Giovanni di Corraduccio Mazzaforte (died after 1437)

From Foligno

A frescoed triptych (1445) in Santa Maria dei Raccomandati is attributed to Giovanni di Corraduccio.  It depicts the Risen Christ with:

  1. St Catherine of Alexandria; and

  2. St Antony Abbot (illustrated here).

Bartolomeo di Tommaso (ca. 1408-54)

From Foligno

Two fresco fragments in Santa Maria dei Raccomandati are attributed to Bartolomeo di Tommaso.  They depict:

  1. the Madonna della Misericordia with SS James and Bernardino of Siena and members (male and female) of the confraternity; and

  2. the Crucifixion (almost completely lost) and St Roch (illustrated here).

Matteo da Gualdo (died 1507)

From Gualdo Tadino

A number of works by or attributed to Matteo da Gualdo survive in his native Gualdo Tadino.  They include six in the Pinacoteca Comunale, which in turn include this documented panel (1497) of the Genealogy of the Virgin from Santa Maria dei Raccomandati. 

Nicolò di Liberatore, l' Alunno (1430-1502)

From Foligno

Nicolò di Liberatore was perhaps the most important participant in the vibrant artistic milieu of Foligno in the 15th century.  He signed for the magnificent San Francesco Polyptych (1471) on the high altar of San Francesco.  It is now in the Pinacoteca Comunale.

Giovanni Maria Baldassini (1540-1601)

From Gubbio

Giovanni Maria Baldassini was a follower of Felice Damiani.  [More]   An altarpiece (1586) of Tobias and the Angel in  San Benedetto is attributed to him.

[Temporary link to Giovanni Maria Baldassini]

Avanzino Nucci (died 1629)

Probably from Gubbio, based in Rome

Avanzino Nucci was a follower of of Nicolò Circignani, il Pomarancio.  He signed a now-lost altarpiece (1620) in San Benedetto, describing himself as “gualdensis” (from Gualdo).  The following surviving works in Gualdo Tadino are by or  attributed to him:

  1. an altarpiece (1580) of the Annunciation in Santa Maria dei Raccomandati, the signature of which describes  him as “de Gubio” (from Gubbio).; and

  2. two works in the Pinacoteca Comunale:

  3. an altarpiece (1626) depicting a miracle of St Diego of Alcalá from SS Annunziata, which is signed and dated by inscription; and

  4. an altarpiece (17th century) of the Madonna and Child with saints from San Nicolò dei Silvestrini.

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Francesco Allegrini (1624-84)

From Rome, based in Gubbio in 1661-81 

Francesco Allegrini established his career in Rome before moving to Gubbio.  Two panels (17th century)

in the Pinacoteca Comunale that are attributed to him probably came from Palazzo Comunale.  They depict:

  1. the Judgement of Solomon; and

  2. Lot and his Daughters.

[Temporary link to Francesco Allegrini

Antonio Gherardi (1638-1702)

From Rieti, based in Rome

Antonio Gherardi (born Antonio Tatoti) trained in Rome as a painter and architect under Pietro da Cortona in 1662-7.  A panel (17th century) of St Antony Abbot in the Pinacoteca Comunale, which came from San Francesco, is somewhat tentatively attributed to him.

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