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Gualdo Tadino

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Gualdo Tadino is a small town that is visited mostly for the lovely Rocca Flea and the interesting archeological and art museums that it houses.  The former bears witness to the ancient Umbrian and Roman settlements here, while the latter contains a fine collection of works by the important local artist, Matteo da Gualdo (died 1507).

Arriving at Gualdo Tadino

[Train and bus services from Rome]

Apm has services to Gualdo Tadino from Gubbio, Foligno and Perugia.  The way to the centre from the bus station in Piazza Fulvio Sbarretti is not immediately obvious.  Turn left on leaving the piazza and left again into Piazzale Beato Angelo.  There is a lift on the right at the far end of this car park that takes you up to the town centre.


The most comprehensive guide to the monuments of Gualdo Tadino is still:

R. Guerrieri, “Storia Civile ed Ecclesiastica del Comune di Gualdo Tadino” (1933)

which is available printed on demand or online (in a brilliant edition) at Allegra Combriccola.  Ruggero Guerrieri is an interesting figure in his own right in the history of Gualdo Tadino, and this work shows how much information can be gleaned from an intelligent reading of old chronicles and legends of saints.

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