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The chapel, which is in the top floor of the tower next to the Gothic staircase.  Its entrance is on the left of the loggia on the piano nobile

Frescoes in Palazzo Trinci (1424)

An inscription on the altar wall (between the two lowest registers of frescoes) records that Corrado III Trinci commissioned the frescoes of the chapel from Ottaviano Nelli in 1424.  This was the moment when Corrado become the sole ruler of Foligno, after the murder of his brothers. 

Bottom Register on Altar Wall

The central fresco here depicts the Crucifixion with:

  1. the Virgin and St Felician to the left;

  2. St Mary Magdalene at the foot of the Cross; and

  3. St John the Evangelist, the Blessed Peter Crisci (in white) and St Catherine of Alexandria to the right.

The other frescoes here depict:

  1. SS Dominic, Antony Abbot and John the Baptist (on the left); and

  2. the stigmatisation of St Francis (on the right). 

Scenes from the life of the Virgin 

This cycle, which covers the rest of the walls and also the vaults of the chapel, follows the story of the Virgin’s life that is set out in the Golden Legend.  The scenes depict:

  1. the marriage of Anna and Joachim in the temple;

  2. the annunciation of the imminent birth of a daughter;

  3. the reunion at the Golden Gate; the birth of the Virgin;

  4. the presentation of the Virgin in the temple;

  5. the marriage of the Virgin; the Annunciation; the Nativity;

  6. the Adoration of the Magi; the Presentation of Jesus in the temple;

  7. the annunciation of the death of the Virgin;

  8. the arrival of the Apostles to take their leave of the Virgin;

  9. Christ collecting the soul of the Virgin; the funeral of the Virgin; and

  10. the Assumption of the Virgin.

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