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Foligno is unusual among the cities of Umbria in that it is built in the plain.  Indeed, the local people travel around it on bicycles!!  The city was badly hit in the earthquake of 1997 but has now fully recovered.  It was an important artistic centre in the 15th century, and many works survive, some in situ and some in the museum in Palazzo Trinci.

Foligno enjoys superb rail and road links.  Day trips are easily possible by train to Spoleto, Assisi, Spello and Perugia and by bus to Nocera Umbra, Trevi, Bevagna and Montefalco.  I have enjoyed staying at Hotel Italia; Albergo le Mura; and Hotel Villa dei Platani, which is opposite the station.

My favourite restaurants in Foligno are:

  1. Mangiafuoco, 11-3 Viale IV Novembre, with a back entrance in Via Bolletta;

  2. Biancomangiare Ristorante, 21 Via Maurizio Quadrio (which serves Sicilian food);

  3. Locanda di Alice, 64, Via Garibaldi (try the antipastone);

  4. Osteria il Buco, 1 Via Bagn (just past the main facade of the Duomo); 

  5. Osteria del Teatro, 8 Via Petrucci (347 340 1778), which is very traditional and great fun;

  6. Molo Cinque, Largo Maurizio Quadrio, 2/A (Via Gramsci), which is a new fish restaurant (at August 2016);

  7. Marechiaro, 58 Via Piermarini (0742 34.42.38);

  8. Sto Bene, 121 Corso Cavour (which is great for lunch); and

  9. Umami Bar, 11 Via Garibaldi (which is also great for lunch).

For a special treat, please try Villa Roncalli, 1.5 km outside Porta Romana on Viale Romana.  Kind friends took me there on my last visit (2017) and it was magnificent.

I like the two bars in the main square, Piazza della Repubblica, both of which have good kitchens:

  1. Antico Caffé della Piazza; and

  2. Central Bar.

Finally, if you need books on art or on local history, be sure to visit the website of Editoriale Umbra, or visit the bookshop in Via Pignattara.

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The most extensive and authoritative guide to Foligno is:

    F. Bettoni and B. Marinelli, “Foligno, Itinerari Fuori e Dentro le Mura”, (2001), Foligno

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