Key to Umbria: Foligno

Minor facade of the Duomo in Piazza della Repubblica

The first two walks described in this website begin at the Duomo:

  1. Walk I covers the Duomo itself and the Terziero Superiore, the part of the city in front of the viewer of the photograph above.

  2. Walk II: covers the rest of Piazza della Repubblica and the rest of the city (Terzieri Mediano and Inferiore).

Santa Maria in Campis

Walk III covers the ancient church of Santa Maria in Campis and the surrounding archeological area of Foligno.

Around Foligno


  San Giovanni Profiamma             Abbazia di Sassovivo                           Santa Maria di Plestia

The page Around Foligno describes places further from the city:

  1. the early church of San Giovanni Profiamma on the site of the Roman settlement of Forum Flaminii (the birthplace of St Felician);

  2. Pale and the magnificent Abbazia di Sassovivo; and

  3. Colfiorito, the site of the Umbrian Plestini and then of Roman Plestia, for its important Museo Archeologico and the lovely old church of Santa Maria di Plestia.

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Walks in Foligno

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