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The Compagnia di  Santa Maria del Gonfalone, which was originally known as the Confraternita della Madonna del San Francesco, was formed in 1533 in honour of a miraculous image on outside wall of the Cappella di San Matteo of San Francesco.  The confraternity’s first oratory was a  small building constructed to protect this image.

The confraternity changed its name in 1575, when it was affiliated to the Arciconfraternita del Gonfalone, Rome.  Its first oratory on this site was built in 1614.

This oratory was in a ruinous state by the early 18th century, and the Baroque architect Sebastiano Cipriani was commissioned to design the present elliptical oratory in 1724.  

When the reconstruction of the San Francesco began in 1796, its precious relics were temporarily transferred to the new oratory. 

The oratory was restored after the earthquake of 1997.


Since the earthquake of 2016, the friars of the adjacent (and temporarily closed) San Francesco officiate here. 

Assumption of the Virgin and St Bonaventura (18th century)

This altarpiece on the high altar is attributed to Anton Maria Garbi.

Relics from San Francesco


                                         Relics of Blessed Angela         Relics of the Blessed James and Philip

The relics of the Blessed Angela of Foligno (on the altar on the left wall) and those of the Blessed James and Philip (on the altar opposite) have been moved here, presumably as a temporary measure while San Francesco is restored . 

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Oratorio del Gonfalone  (1725-38)

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