Key to Umbria: Foligno

Valerio di Giacomo de’ Muti is documented in Foligno on a number of occasions in the period 1471-1502, but no securely attributed work by him survives in his native city.


Annunciation (ca. 1500)

This fresco in the Cappella dell’ Annunciazione of San Girolamo, which is the only survivor of a series that covered the walls of the chapel, is signed by Valerio de’ Muti.

Adoration of the Magi (ca. 1500)

This fresco in the Cappella del Sepolcro of San Girolamo is variously attributed to Rocco Zoppo or Valerio de’ Muti.


Annunciation and St Christopher (1477)

This fresco on the left wall of Santa Maria Pietrarossa is signed by Valerio de’ Muti and dated by an inscription that also records the donor, “Marino de Parmaciu de Gironimo da Matigia”.

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Valerio de’ Muti (died after 1502)

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