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The painter Cristoforo di Jacopo di Marcuciora is well-documented in Foligno in the period 1448-1502.  However, his work is known only from one example: a now-lost inscription identified him as the painter of this fresco (1467) of St Antony Abbot enthroned, surrounded by scenes from his life in the Santuario di Santa Maria delle Grazie at Rasiglia, so 20 km east of Foligno.

Pietà (15th century)

This fresco in Santa Maria Infraportas (in the 3rd bay of the right aisles) is attributed to Cristoforo di Jacopo.


Madonna and Child with saints (ca. 1460)

This damaged fresco, which is attributed to Cristoforo di Jacopo da Foligno, is in the shrine above the entrance to the nunnery of San Quirico.  It depicts:
  1. the Madonna and Child with St Anne and angels; and

  2. SS Quiricus and St Francis to the sides.


Painted doors from a tabernacle (15th century)

This panel is made up of two doors that have now been joined together to reveal the eight scenes that decorate what were their inner surfaces.  These comprise seven scenes from the life of Christ and an eighth (the bottom right) of the Crucifixion and the Madonna del Latte.  The outer surfaces are decorated with fictive red damask.   The painted scenes are attributed to Cristoforo di Jacopo da Foligno.

The panel, which was documented in Santa Maria di Turrita in 1829, was moved to the Duomo, Spoleto in 1837.  The Commune protested vigorously, and it was returned in 1839.  It is now in the Pinacoteca.

Coronation of the Virgin (15th century)

This panel is from Sant’ Agostino and is now in the PinacotecaIt depicts the coronation of the Virgin, with SS John the Baptist and Severus.

Frescoes (15th century)

A ruined fresco of the Madonna and Child on the exterior of Santa Maria Maddalena (illustrated here) and two frescoes inside the church are also attributed to Cristoforo di Jacopo.


A document dated 1496 records that Sister Lucia, the abbess of Santa Maria di Monteluce, who came from Foligno, arranged through her brother for the commissioning of a figure (presumably a panel) of St Clare from “Maestro Cristoforo”, and its consignment from Foligno to Perugia.  This work no longer survives.

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Cristoforo di Jacopo (died after 1502)

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