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Important Works of Art in Norcia

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Lorenzo and Jacopo Salimbeni (early 15th century)

From San Severino

The signed works of Lorenzo Salimbeni were executed in the period 1400-16 in the area around his native city.  Two of these were signed additionally by his younger brother, Jacopo, but no securely documented work by Jacopo alone is known.  A fresco (ca. 1417) of the Madonna and Child with saints in Santa Scolastica is attributed to Lorenzo or alternatively to both brothers.

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Nicola di Ulisse (died after 1472)

From Siena

Nicola executed:

  1. two works for the Abbazia di Sant’ Eutizio:

  2. a painted Crucifix, which remains above the high altar (illustrated here); and

  3. the Sant’ Eutizio Polyptych (1472), which is now in the Museo del Ducato di Spoleto;

  4. a signed panel (15th century) of the Risen Christ for the now-demolished church of San Savatore, which is now in the Museo Civico e Diocesano; and

  5. frescoes (15th century) of Christ’s Descent into Limbo on the left wall of San Salvatore di Campi.

Giovanni Tedesco (late 15th century)


A document in the archives of the Duomo of Santa Maria Argentea dated 1494 records a payment for the Crucifix there made to “Joanni todisco”, whose workshop was then at Ascoli Piceno.  This Crucifix is now on the 1st altar on the left.

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Andrea della Robbia (1435-1525) and his Workshop


These painted terracotta figures (early 16th century) of the Annunciation, which are from the Observant Franciscans’ Convento dell’ Annunziata, are now in the Museo Civico e Diocesano.  They are attributed to Luca della Robbia the Younger, the son of Andrea and a member of his workshop.

Rocco di Tommas0 (died 1529)

From Vicenza, based in Umbria in 1512-26

This monument (1514) to SS Eutychius and Spes in the Abbazia di Sant’ Eutizio is attributed to Rocco di Tommaso. 

Jacopo Siculo (1490-1544)

From Sicily, moved to Rome and then, after 1527, to Spoleto

This altarpiece (1541) of the Coronation of the Virgin from the church the Convento dell’ Annunziata, Norcia is signed by Jacopo Siculo and dated by inscription.  It was restored in 1994 and is now in the Museo Civico e Diocesano.

Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola (1507-73)

From Vignola, near Modena, based in Rome 

Vignola had a very successful career in Rome, where he often worked for the papacy.  He also worked in Umbria, often as an advisor, at the behest of prominent nobles with interests there.  Pope Julius III commissioned him to build la Castellina (1554-63) in Norcia as a fortified residence for the papal governor.

Durante Alberti (1556–1623)

From Borgo Sansepolcro, based in Rome

The diary of Durante Alberti records that “Messer Cario” , a bread merchant and tax farmer, paid for this altarpiece for the Chiesa dei Cappuccini outside Norcia in 1590.  The panel, which is now in the Museo Civico e Diocesano, depicts the Madonna and Child in glory with two angels.  SS Clare, Francis, Louis of Toulouse and Bonaventura kneel below, in front of a cityscape of Norcia as seen from the convent.  The coat of arms at the bottom and the initials on the painting refer to the donor and the Angelucci family, formerly called Colangelucci.

Cristoforo Roncalli, il Pomarancio (1552-1626)

From Pomarance, near Volterra, based in Rome

Panels in Norcia that are attributed to Cristoforo Roncalli include:

  1. an altarpiece (1602) of the Crucifixion with SS Eutychius and Spes from the Abbazia di San Eutizio (illustrated here); and

  2. an altarpiece (early 17th century) Madonna in Glory with saints in Santa Maria Argentea.

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