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St Anthimus (11th May)

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A copy of the legend of SS Anthimus and Maximus (BHL 0561) is preserved under 11th May in the Leggendari del Duomo.   This records that he was consecrated as the first Bishop of Terni by Pope Telephorus (ca. 125-36) and subsequently transferred to Spoleto.  He died during the reign of Pope Soter (166-74).  The list of the early bishops of Terni website of the Diocese of Terni, Narni and Amelia says that he was consecrated as bishop of Terni in 156 and transferred to Spoleto in 165.

According to tradition, St Anthimus built a church dedicated to St Peter outside the city walls.   King Liutprand and Pope Zacharias met in 742, in “oratorio Salvatoris intra ecclesia beati Petri” (in the oratory of San Salvatore, inside the church of St Peter).   Local historians suggest that the oratory later became the church of San Salvatore, although this was probably always inside the city walls.

There is a town named Sant’ Antimo that is 5 km south of Terni.

St Anthimus of Rome (11th May)

Three entries in the Roman Martyrology record under 11th May:

  1. “At Rome, on the Salarian Way, the birthday of blessed Anthimus, priest, who, after having distinguished himself by his virtues and preaching, was cast into the Tiber during the persecution of Diocletian.  He was rescued by an angel and restored to his oratory.  Afterwards he was beheaded, and went victoriously to heaven”.

  2. “Also at Rome, on the Salarian Way, the holy martyrs Maximus, Bassus, and Fabius, who were put to death during the reign of Diocletian”.

  3. “At Osimo in Piceno, the holy martyrs Sisinius, a deacon, Diocletius and Florentius, disciples of the priest St. Anthimus, whose martyrdom was completed under Diocletian by their being stoned”.

St Anthimus of Rome appeared in the Martyrologies of “Jerome”, Florus, Adon and Usuard

This saint has the same feast day as St Anthimus of Terni.

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