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St Abundius of Terni (16th September ?)

St Abundius, the son of the city prefect, Furiosus Placidus.  Some scholars have suggested that “ Furiosus Placidus” could be a mis-spelling of Furius Placidus, who was consul in  273.  St Valentine converted him to Christianity.  After St Valentine was beheaded in Rome, SS Proculus, Ephebus, and Apollonius took his body to Terni, where they buried it.  The Consul Leontius arrested and beheaded them, and St Abundius buried them beside St Valentine. 

St Anastasius of Terni (17th August)

The relics of St Anastasius of Terni (17th August) were discovered in ca. 84o in the Duomo of Terni, at which time Terni was part of the diocese of Spoleto.  He was believed to have been a bishop of Terni and was probably associated in public perception with the saint in the legend. The relic of the cranium of St Anastasius the Persian (22nd January) and an associated icon (both in the church of Sancti Anastasii ad Aquas Salvias outside Rome) probably inspired the idea that a saint of this name had come to Italy from Syria and been beheaded in Rome.

St Anthimus (11th May)

According to the legend of this saint in the Leggendari del Duomo, Spoleto, Pope Telephorus (ca. 125-36) consecrated him as the first Bishop of Terni and he died during the reign of Pope Soter (166-74).  This figure shares the feast of St Anthimus of Rome.

St Proculus of Terni (14th April)

St Proculus appears as bishop of Terni in the Legend of the Twelve Syrians.  He also appears in a variant of this legend written in Bologna, according to which he fled to Bologna when he faced persecution and was martyred there.

St Valentine (14th February)

According to his legend, St Valentine was a bishop of Terni who martyred at Rome at the time of “ Furiosus Placidus”.  This could be a mis-spelling of Furius Placidus, who was consul in  273.  His followers took his body to Terni and buried it outside the city.  His relics were discovered in 1605 and the present church of San Valentino was erected on the site soon after. 

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