Key to Umbria: Terni

Cascata delle Marmore

The Cascata delle Marmore, which is one of the highest artificial waterfalls in Europe, is near the village of Marmore, about 10 km east of Terni.  Leave Terni along Viale Brin and continue east along the Nera valley.  Follow signs for the strada inferiore (for the more spectacular view) or the the strada superiore.

There is a regular bus service from Terni (atc line 21).

The times of discharge of water are well-publicised - visit the official website.

Carsulae and Cesi

This round trip from Terni involves a drive of some 35 km (just under 1 hour driving time).

Alternatively, there is a bus service on weekdays from Terni to Cesi and Poggio Azzuano, for Carsulae (atc line 16). 

  1. On the current timetable, it is possible to take the 10.30 bus from Terni, arriving at Poggio Azzuano at 11.00.  Continue walking away from Terni and fork left along Via Carsulae.  This walk of some 2 km takes about 20 minutes. 

  2. Retrace your steps and continue along the road into Cesi.  This walk of about 4 km takes less than an hour.  (It does not seem worth waiting for the bus that leaves Poggio Azzuano at 15.00 and arrives at Cesi 5 minutes later. 

  3. There are buses back to Terni from Cesi at 15.15, 15.55 and 18.25.


The site of ancient Carsulae, which is one of the most important archeological sites in Umbria, is set in a lovely landscape at the foot of the Monte Martani.  It has good facilities in the Visitors’ Centre.

Cesi, Sant’ Erasmo and Monte Torre Maggiore

Cesi, which was once the capital of the Terre Arnolfo, is set against the backdrop of the Monte Martani.  From here, you can walk up to the isolated church of Sant’ Erasmo, which stands on a terrace supported by ancient polygonal walls, and continue to the remains of the ancient temples of Monte Torre Maggiore.

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