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Cesi is a small town near Terni that was the capital of a papal territory known as the Terre Arnolfe during the 13th century.  Its importance declined after the popes moved to Avignon in 1305.  It is still worth visiting, if only to see the autograph work of the so-called Maestro di Cesi in the Museo Parrocchiale. 

You are unlikely to need more than a half-day to see the main sites in the town.  It is also well worth walking up Monte Torre Maggiore to see the remains of the Roman temples that stood on its summit and to enjoy the 360° view.

Cesi is suggested as a destination in the page on drives from Terni.  You can also reach it by bus or (less conveniently) by train from Terni.

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Tourist information is available from Proloco Cesi.

Information is available on bus services from atc and on the train service from Ferrovia Centrale Umbria.  (The station is about 1 km from the town).  

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