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Chiesa della Trinità and

Santa Maria  delle Grazie

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Chiesa della Trinità (1640)

The original church on this site was documented in 1138, when it belonged to the Abbazia di Sassovivo.  It belonged to a community of Augustinian nuns until 1459, when it passed to a community of Servite tertiaries from San Concordio (now San Salvatore).  In 1556, Bishop Alessandro Farnese  gave them part of the responsibility for the administration of the hospice of Santa Croce  (later San Carlo Borromeo), an obligation they retained until 1716.   

The Servite sisters built the present church in 1640.  The old church behind it then served as their choir.  Traces of it can be seen to the right. 

The complex was suppressed in 1860 and housed a public library until 1932.  It now serves a gymnasium.

The nunnery, which extended along Via della Fonte Pescaia on the left as far as Via Interna delle Mura, has been adapted for residential use.  The church of Santa Maria delle Grazie (at number 15 Via Interna delle Mura) stood in the garden of the nunnery.

Art from the Church

Madonna and Child (14th century)

This detached fresco is from SS Trinità is now in Room 13 of the Museo del Ducato di Spoleto.

Trinity (17th century)

This panel, which is attributed to Francesco Refini, probably came from Santa Trinità.  It depicts Christ on the cross, with God the Father and a dove representing the Holy Spirit, surrounded by angels.  [Is it in Palazzo Comunale?]

Santa Maria  delle Grazie (16th century)

The church belonged to the Servite tertiary nuns from Santa Trinità and stood in their garden.  It was restored in 1650.   The church has been adapted from two separate buildings.

[Fictive architecture on the facade ?]

The interior can be seen through the window.  The frescoes (16th and 17th centuries) on the walls were recovered during a restoration carried out in 1970.

Madonna delle Grazie (16th century)

The church s named for this altarpiece of the Madonna and Child on the altar.

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