Key to Umbria: Spoleto

Walk I:  Inside the Roman Walls

Walk I explores the area of the city inside the walls that were built in the 13th century on the foundations provided by the walls of the Roman colony (241 BC).

Walk II:  Around the Roman Walls

Walk II explores the area around the line of the walls, along the boundary between the original city and its medieval suburbs.

Walk III:  Inside the Medieval Walls

Walk III explores the suburbs that grew up outside the original walls and were enclosed in a new circle of walls in ca. 1297:
  1. Borgo San Gregorio (illustrated here);

  2. Borgo San Matteo; and

  3. Borgo di Monterone.

Walk IV:  Hills of Spoleto

Walk IV explores the hills to the east of the city:
  1. Colle Attivole (the southernmost);

  2. Monteluco (illustrated here);

  3. Colle Ciciano; and

  4. C0lle San Tommaso.

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Walks in Spoleto

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