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Spoleto is a lovely hill town with excellent rail links to Rome, Foligno and Perugia.  It also has a daily bus service to Cascia and Norcia.  (Click on “Servizi Extraurbani” and “Spoleto”  in for these similar bus services).


I have enjoyed two fine hotels in Spoleto:

  1. Hotel San Luca; and

  2. Palazzo Leti.


Since each of these hotels offers an excellent breakfast, I did not need to find a favourite bar for breakfast.  Good watering holes later in the day include:

  1. Caffé Collicola, in Piazza Collicola;

  2. Spoleto Café, 22 Via dei Duchi;

  3. Café Tebro, Via Filitteria; and

  4. Bar Canasta, Piazza della Libertà, which has a reasonable restaurant (“Ristorante Arca”) and looks down on the Roman theatre.

L’Antico Frantoio, Via Arco di Druso, is a friendly wine bar that serves nice snacks.


I enjoyed a number of restaurants in Spoleto, including:

  1. Osteria dell'Enoteca (my favourite);

  2. Caffé Ristorate Tric Trac, 10 Piazza del Duomo;

  3. Il Tempio del Gusto;

  4. Il Tartufo, which has an interesting Roman pavement;

  5. Ristorante Panciolle, Vicolo degle Eroli (off  Via del Duomo);

  6. Osteria del Trivio; and

  7. La Barcaccia, which has a nice terrace for sunny days.

I have yet to try the historic il Pentagramma, but it looks nice.


I arranged a one-to-one guided walk across Monteluco (see Walk IV) with Tasting Travel, and can thoroughly recommend them.

The most comprehensive written guide is B. Toscano, “L’ Umbria: Manuali per il Territorio: Spoleto”, Rome (1978).  It is out of print, but you will get it from the Advanced Book Exchange.

A more modern and well-illustrated guide that is easily available in Spoleto and probably also on the Advanced Book Exchange is G. Ceccarelli and C. Metelli,  “Spoleto: Guida della Città”, Spoleto (2007).

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