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Carlo Lamparelli was born in Spello and served as Prior of Santa Maria Maggiore from 1716 until his death in 1727.  Little else is known about him, although he probably trained in Rome. 


Virgin and St Anne (1677)

This altarpiece, which is dated by inscription and attributed to Carlo Lamparelli, is on the 1st altar on the left of San Girolamo

  1. In the lower part of the composition, St Anne attends to the education of the young Virgin Mary, flanked by

  2. St Liborius (identified by the gallstones on a plate held by an angel: the relics of St Liborius were deemed to cure gallstones); and

  3. St Rose of Viterbo. 

  4. In the clouds above, above, a number of Franciscan friars adore the figures of the Trinity

Panels (ca. 1700)

These panels sacristy of San Lorenzo, which are attributed to Carlo Lamparelli, depict:

  1. Portia; and

  2. St  Mary Magdalene.

Panels (ca. 1700)

These panels on the counter-facade of Sant’ Andrea, which are attributed to Carlo Lamparelli, depict:

  1. the Immaculate Virgin with angels; and

  2. a portrait of a prelate (self-portrait?).

Panels (ca. 1700)

These panels in Santa Maria Maggiore, which are attributed to Carlo Lamparelli include:

  1. fifteen tondi (ca. 1670) of scenes from the Passion of Christ on the Altare della Madonna del Rosario (in the 2nd bay on the right); and

  1. the Immaculate Virgin with SS Agnes, Antony of Padua, Felix, Clare and a female saint on the left of the left transept, which came from Santa Chiara.

Death of St Joseph (ca. 1700)

This altarpiece was recorded in San Michele Arcangelo in 1896, with an attribution to Carlo Lamparelli.  It is now in the Pinacoteca Comunale.  [It was not displayed in 2009]


Holy Family (ca. 1700)

This undocumented altarpiece in the Pinacoteca Comunale, which was latterly attributed to Andrea Camassei, has recently been attributed to Carlo Lamparelli.  It depicts the Madonna and Child in a landscape with the young St John the Baptist, who holds a lamb for the baby Jesus to pet.


Charity (1706-9)

This fresco at the centre of the ceiling of the Oratorio del Crocifisso and the four frescoes of other virtues that surround it  are attributed to Carlo Lamparelli.


Madonna and Child with saints (1688)

The Oratorian Fathers of San Filippo Neri commissioned this altarpiece from Carlo Lamparelli for the Oratorio di Santa Cecilia.  The altarpiece, which depicts the Madonna and Child with SS Cecilia and Philip Neri, survives on the back wall there.

Transfiguration of St Theresa (ca. 1700)

This altarpiece on the altar on the left in Santa Teresa degli Scalzi is attributed to Carlo Lamparelli.  It depicts St Teresa being taken to Heaven by angles, where the Madonna and Child await her.  SS John the Baptist, Peter and Antony of Padua are depicted below.  The arms held by the angel at the bottom of the panel belong to the Cesarei family, who owned the altar.

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Carlo Lamparelli (died 1727)

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