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Fausto Gentile Donnola, the author of the  “Istoria della Terra di Spello” (ca. 1620), recorded that the medieval patrons of Spello each represented one of the administrative districts of the town:

  1. St Severinus (3rd November), for the terziero della Posterla;

  2. St Laurence (10th August),for the terziero della Mezota; and

  3. St Rufinus (11th August), for the terziero di Porta Chiusa. 

Blessed Andrea Caccioli (3rd June)

The Blessed Andrea da Spello was born in 1194 and became a priest before joining the Franciscan Order.  He was thus one of the early companions of St Francis, whom he outlived by some 30 years.  He died in Spello, probably in 1254.  He was named as a patron saint of Spello in the statutes of 1360.

His cult was revived when his relics were rediscovered in 1594.  An attempt to secure his canonisation in 1625-30 was unsuccessful, but his cult was confirmed in 1739.

St Felix (18th May)

St Felix was documented, probably erroneously, as a bishop of “Spellatensis” in the Martyrology of Usuard (9th century).  There are indications that he was venerated at Spello at least from the early 15th century.  He was adopted as the sole patron saint of Spello in 1629. 

St Ventura (3rd May)

St Ventura Spellucci is reputed to have lived in Spello in the 12th century.  He belonged to the Order of Crosiers, an order that was dedicated to the care of pilgrims.  He built a church on his family estate, and dedicated his life to the poor.

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Saints of Spello

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