Key to Umbria: Trevi

Santa Lucia (1344) 

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Bishop Bartolomeo de Bardis of Spoleto established a Benedictine nunnery here for a small community that included members of the family of Nardolo di Accursuccio.

The piazza in front of the the church was laid out in its current form in 1586, with the entrance to the nunnery on the right. 

The church was rebuilt in 1635.  The inscription over the portal records the rebuilding in the time of Bishop Lorenzo Castrucci of Spoleto and of the Abbess Agnes.  A document (1629) in the local archive records that, when Abbess Agnes was a little girl,  St Joseph of Leonessa cured her of a terminal disease.  This occurred shortly before his own death in 1612, when he was probably staying at the Capuchin hermitage outside the city (later Sant’ Antonio Abate).

Material from the nearby church of Santa Maria della Piaggia was used in 1889-91 in the restoration of the campanile.

The nunnery of Sant' Alò, Spoleto was merged with this community in 1965 and the nuns from Spoleto finally moved here in 1974.

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