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Sant’ Antonio Abate (1616) 

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This complex belonged to the Capuchins, who were established at Trevi in 1559 in a hermitage near this site.  They acquired this site for their church and convent in 1614 and used material from the demolished church of San Giovanni di Giano for the construction.  The community was suppressed in ca. 1860 and the church subsequently served the civic cemetery.

It seems that St Joseph of Leonessa  stayed in the earlier hermitage shortly before his death in 1612.  A document (1629) in the local archive records that, at this time, he cured a young girl called Marta di Giovanni Angelo del Ferro (later the Abbess Agnes of the Monastero di Santa Lucia) of a terminal disease.

Art from the Church

Assumption of the Virgin and Saints (ca. 1640)

This altarpiece was painted in Rome by Vincenzo Turchi, l’ Orbetto for the high altar of  Sant' Antonio Abate.  It has been recently restored and is now in the Pinacoteca.

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