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Spoleto in the 17th Century

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Cardinal Bishop Alfonso Visconti (1601-8) established the diocescan seminary in 1604.

Bishop Lorenzo Castrucci (1617 – 55)

Barberini Family

The links between Spoleto and the papacy were reinforced when Maffeo Barberini, who was Bishop of Spoleto in the period 1608-17, was elected as Pope Urban VIII in 1623.  Francesco Barberini, the cardinal nephew, was made an honorary citizen of Spoleto in 1623 and designated as the city's protector. 

When structural problems in the Duomo emerged in 1638, Francesco Barberini seems to have taken responsibility for its re-modeling.  The work was interrupted by the Barberini involvement in the War of Castro (1641), when Spoleto suffered heavy taxation, and by Barberini’s exile in 1644-6.  It was probably complete in 1680, a year after the death of Francesco Barberini, when Cardinal Cesare Facchinetti  re-consecrated the Duomo.

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