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Maestro di Città di Castello (ca. 1300)

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Maestro di Città di Castello in:   Città di Castello 

This master is named for an altarpiece (early 14th century) of the Maestà in the Pinacoteca Comunale (below).   The art historian Mason Perkins first identified a body of works attributable to this master, who seems to have been a close follower of Duccio and possibly from Siena.  A number of other works that are attributed to him are illustrated in the website of the Fondazione Federico Zeri.  Most of these are in or from Siena. 

Città di Castello

Maestà (early 14th century)

This altarpiece in the Pinacoteca Comunale, which is the autograph work of the Maestro di Città di Castello, was painted for the Dominicans' first church of Santa Maria della Carità and was moved to their new church of San Domenico in the 15th century.  It has been badly restored but must have been magnificent when first executed.

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