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Cimitero Monumentale (1878-99)

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Until the 19th century, burials in Città di Castello (as in most other Italian cities) took place in the cemeteries attached to churches.  However, in 1842, Pope Gregory XVI decreed that each of the cities of the Papal States should have a civic cemetery.  The Commune consequently re-opened a cemetery on the Colle dei  Cappuccini that had been used during a typhoid epidemic in 1816.  However, this site soon proved to be too small.

The Commune commissioned the design of the present cemetery from Luigi del Moro in 1878.  When he died in 1897, he commission passed to his associate,  Giuseppe Castellucci.  The cemetery was inaugurated in 1899. 

Giuseppe Castellucci later designed present the neo-Gothic exterior facade, which was built in the period 1904-33.

[Monuments by Elmo Palazzi.  Monumnt of Luigi Bufalini]

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N. Sarteanesi, “Il Cimitero Monumentale e la Società Laica del Camposanto di Città di Castello”, (1999) Città di Castello

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