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Giuliano Presutti (1490-1554)

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Giuliano Presutti in:  Gubbio 

Giuliano Presutti was active primarily in the Marche of Ancona.

The processional banner that the Confraternita di Santa Maria dei Laici commissioned from Giuliano Presutti in 1533 (see below) in now in New York.

The young Benedetto Nucci was apprenticed to him in Fano in 1536.

A number of works in Gubbio are attributed to him.


Adoration of the Shepherd (ca. 1521)

An inscription on this altarpiece in the Duomo (in the 6th bay on the left) records that it was painted during the reign of Pope Leo X (1513-21).  It has recently been attributed to Giuliano Presutti.

St Mary Magdalene (ca. 1526-9)

According to tradition, the ceramicist Giorgio Andreoli commissioned this altarpiece from Timoteo Viti in 1521 for his chapel in the Duomo (in the 7th bay on the left).   However, recent research has established that this chapel belonged to the Sangradali family and that it was decorated in ca. 1526-9.  (It only passed to the Andreoli family with the marriage of Terisio Andreoli to Caterina Sangradali later in the century).  The altarpiece was thus almost certainly painted after the death of Timiteo Viti in 1423: it is now attributed to Giuliano Presutti.

In the altarpiece, St Mary Magdalene holds a lily and a chalice that contains the ointment with which she massaged the feet of Christ.  An angel descends to crown her, and a series of musical putti witness the scene.  The “Noli me tangere” (the encounter with the risen Christ) takes place in the background.

Gonfalone della Misericordia (1533-4)

The Confraternita di Santa Maria dei Laici commissioned this banner from Giuliano Presutti in 1533.  It passed to the Collezione Ranghiasci and is now owned by Finch College, New York.  It depicts the Madonna della Misericordia with angels and members of the confraternity.  As explained in this external webpage, the relevant documents were linked to the banner by Professore Ettore Sannipoli in in 2009.

Assumption of the Virgin (16th century)

This panel , which was moved to the Museo Diocesano from the the Pieve di Valdichiascio in 1932, was traditionally attributed to Timoteo Viti.  It has recently been restored, attributed alternatively to Giuliano Presutti.

Communion of the Apostles (16th century)

This panel in the San Domenico (in the 6th chapel on the right) is attributed to Giuliano Presutti.  It was restored in 2010.

Visitation (16th century)

This altarpiece in San Pietro (in the 4th bay on the right) is attributed to Giuliano Presutti.

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