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San Pietro Martire (14th century)

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Chiesa di San Pietro Martire

The original entrance to this subterranean church was to the right of the tribune of San Domenico.  It is now accessed from the Cappella Benedetti inside San Domenico.  However, it was badly damaged in the earthquake of 1997 and is now closed.

A solitary central column supports the vaulting of the ceiling, and frescoes (14th – 16th centuries) cover the walls.  

Pope Urban V with saints (15th century)

This fresco is on the altar wall.  It depicts Pope Urban V enthroned and holding a image of St Peter and St Paul, with two flanking Dominican saints.  The lower part of the image has been destroyed.

Oratorio di San Pietro Martire

This oratory next to the church belonged to the Confraternita di San Pietro Martire.  It now forms part of the Istituto Statale d’ Arte “Leoncillo Leonardi”.

Crucifixion with saints (ca. 1520)

This fresco is attributed to Giovanni di Pietro, lo Spagna.  (If the college is closed, the fresco can still be seen through the semi-circular window in the wall to the right of the entrance).

The fresco depicts the Crucifixion with:
  1. St Dominic;

  2. the Virgin, who wears a form of the Dominican habit in order to claim her as the founder of the Order;

  3. St Mary Magdalene;

  4. St Peter Martyr;

  5. St John the Evangelist; and

  6. St Vincent Ferrer. 

Angels above collect the blood from the wounds of Christ.

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