Key to Umbria: Spoleto

Santa Maria della Misericordia (1304)

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This church, which was built under the tribune of San Nicolò, belonged to the Confraternita della Misericordia e della Buona Morte. 

Each of its two entrances in Via Cecili has a splendid (albeit badly damaged) portal (14th century).  

Walk I takes you along Vicola della Misericordia, which runs along the right wall of the church.  

There is an interesting, albeit damaged fresco (16th century) in the loggia here that depicts the Crucifixion with the Virgin and St John the Evangelist.

Vicola della Misericordia leads to Piazza della Misericordia, with a building behind the church (i.e to your right as you enter the piazza) that also belonged to the confraternity. 

This has another interesting (albeit very damaged) fresco (15th century) to the left of the entrance.  It depicts Santa Maria della Misericordia, who shelters members of the confraternity under her cloak.  St Bartholomew and another saint stand to the sides in what is in effect a fictive triptych.

The church is now closed.  Guide books describe a fresco (14th century) of the Crucifixion that is attributed to the Maestro di Fossa, and another that uses the iconography of the Volto Santo di Lucca.

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