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San Giovanni Battista (1254)

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Original Church (1254)

The original church had its entrance in Vicola San Giovanni (off Via Porta Fuga). 

Fresco (14th century)

This damaged fresco in the niche above the entrance depicts the Madonna and Child with SS John the Baptist and Catherine of Alexandria.  There is a relief of the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) below.

Fresco (early 16th century)

This fresco in the larger niche to the right depicts the Madonna and Child with SS John the Baptist, Benedict, Anna and Jerome and two angels.

Benedictine Nunnery

A community of Benedictine nuns moved here from S. Giovanni del Colle del Consiglio, outside Spoleto in ca. 1350, at which point the complex became known as San Giovanni Battista “supra pusterulam”.

The nuns built a new church in the 16th century that had a side entrance in Via Porta Fuga.

The nunnery was suppressed in 1860 and used as a barracks.  The complex is now in restoration (January 2008).

Art from the Church

Birth of St John the Baptist (17th century)

The signature of Francesco Refini was discovered in 1977 during the restoration  of this altarpiece, which came from the high altar of San Giovanni Battista.   [Is it in Palazzo Comunale?]

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