Key to Umbria: Spoleto

Sant’ Antonio Abate  (16th century)

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This site was probably the location of an ancient hermitage.  The Cecili family gave it to the Clarini (followers of Angelo da Clareno) in 1494.  When this Franciscan congregation was suppressed in 1568, the site passed to the Observant Franciscans [of San Paolo inter Vineas], who restored and extended the church and convent.  The complex was suppressed early in the 19th century.

  1. The inscription to the left comemorates Luigi Pianciani [Why ??]

  2. The inscription to the right comemorates the “Garibaldini” [Why ??]

The church has a single nave and a wooden ceiling. 

A door in the cloister leads to a space below that was probably an earlier church on the site.  

[A shady path links the convent to the first part of the footpath, not far from the Ponte delle Torri.]

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