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Federico Zeri (1963) designated a number of frescoes in the church of San Michele, Eggi (see below) as the autograph works of the Maestro di Eggi.  The frescoes listed in this page are all attributed to him. 

  1. The earliest surviving dated work that is attributed to him is a fresco (1435) of the Maestà in Santa Maria, Vallo di Nera.

  2. The latest dated work to have been attributed to him was a triptych (1451) which was in a private collection in New York until 1930.

Eggi, outside Spoleto

As noted above, the church of San Michele, Eggi contains the autograph works of the Maestro di Eggi.  These include lovely frescoes of:
  1. St Michael (1448), which is dated by inscription; and

  2. St Lucy.


San Giuliano

An inscription on the frescoes in the apse of San Giuliano, which are attributed to the Maestro di Eggi, records that Abbot Argento Campello commissioned them in 1442,  These frescoes in two orders depict:

  1. the Coronation of the Virgin (above); and

  2. St Benedict enthroned with:

  3. Blessed Gregoria (who holds the document in which she transferred her property here to St Isaac), St Isaac and St Maurus on the left; and

  4. St Placidus, St Julian and (probably) St Scholstica on the right.

This page in the website of the Fondazione Federico Zeri includes a black and white illustration.

San Gregorio Maggiore

These four detached frescoes (15th century) in the last bay of the right wall of San Gregorio Maggiore are attributed to the Maestro di Eggi.  They depict:

  1. Christ in the garden (not illustrated here);

  2. St Leonard;

  3. the Madonna di Loreto; and 

  4. St Martin.

SS Giovanni e Paolo

This fresco (1445) in the left wall of SS Giovanni e Paolo, which is dated by inscription, is attributed to the Maestro di Eggi.  It depicts SS Leonard, Gregory and Catherine of Alexandria.

Aedicule at 18 Via della Ponzianino

This fresco (15th century) of the Madonna and Child in a niche in the wall of a private house (see Walk III) is attributed to the Maestro di Eggi.  There are standing saints to the sides and another fresco on the top underside of the niche, but these are difficult to see. 

Ferentillo, outside Spoleto

These frescoes (15th century) in the apse of the Abbazzia di San Pietro in Valle are very similar to those in San Giuliano, Spoleto (see above).  They are in three registers:

  1. Christ blessing, with six angels (above);
  2. the Madonna and Child with angels  and saints (between the windows); and

  3. standing saints (below):

  4. SS Martial, Eleuterius and Lazarus on the left;

  5. St Benedict and his followers SS Maurus and Placidus in the centre; and

  6. three anchorite saints (of whom only the first, John, can be identified thanks to the inscription below) on the right.

The presence of SS Benedict, Maurus and Placidus is surprising because the frescoes were executed when the abbey no longer belonged to the Benedictines.  This suggests that the present scenes reproduced the iconography of earlier ones. 

San Brizio, outside Spoleto


Two of the recently restored frescoes in the church of San Brizio are attributed to the Maestro di Eggi:

  1. St Brictius (with an inscription that probably reads 1430), on the right wall; and

  2. a damaged Maestà on the left wall.


Frescoes (15th century)

These frescoes are in the first two bays of the left wall of Santa Maria di Pietrarossa.   They include the only two narrative frescoes that are attributed to this artist:

  1. the Way to Calvary; and

  2. Christ’s agony at Gethsemane.


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R. Quirino, “La Chiesa di Santa Maria di Pietrarossa presso Trevi: Gli Affreschi”, Bollettino della Deputazione di Storia Patria per l’ Umbria, 87 (1990) 93-103 for the work of the Maestro di Eggi in Santa Maria di Pietrarossa.

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Maestro di Eggi (died after 1451)

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