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Galleria Civica d’ Arte Moderna

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This museum was instituted in 2000 in Palazzo Collicola.

(It is sometimes possible to arrange to visit SS Giovanni e Paolo at the ticket office here).

Colloquio col Vento (1962)

This large iron sculpture by Pietro Consagra is in the entrance to Palazzo Collicola.

Leoncillo Leonardi (died 1968)

The largest collection of works is that of the artist Leoncillo, which occupies four rooms of the museum.  These works include:

  1. a self-portrait (1940),

  1. a self-portrait (1946) in terracotta; and

  1. a polychrome ceramic portrait of Elsa De Giorgi (1947).

Other Works

Ferro (1962)

This work in iron is by Lynn Chadwick.

Nuclear Energy (1964)

This work in bronze is by Henry Moore.

Portrait of Giovanni Carandente (1967)

This iron wire portrait is by Alexander Calder.  It depicts Giovanni Carandente, the the art director of the exhibition “Sculpture in the City" , which was held throughout Spoleto in 1963.

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