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Convento dei Cappuccini (1570)

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The Capuchin community that had settled at the Convento di Sant’Anna (on the slopes of Monte Patrico, just south of Spoleto) in 1535 moved to this location in 1570.  Bishop Fulvio Orsini consecrated their new church, which is dedicated to Santa Maria Immacolata di Lourdes.

The complex was suppressed in the Napoleonic period but re-opened in 1814. It was suppressed again in 1866.  The Pianciani family bought it and subsequently gave it back to the friars.

The complex was restored in 1967.  The convent now houses a seminary.

There are two aedicules in the wall on the left of the courtyard that contain images (1992) made up of ceramic tiles.  An inscription records that they were made by Francesca Morichelli to commemorate her marriage.


                                       Immaculate Virgin                         St Francis preaching to the birds

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