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Santa Maria dei Francolini (12th century)

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The church, which probably belonged to the ancient Francolini family, subsequently passed to the Camaldolesian Abbazia di San Salvatore di Valdicastro (near Fabriano in the Marche).  It was first documented in a decree of the Emperor Frederick I of 1166, which ordered its transfer to the canons of the Duomo of Gubbio.  It was recorded as a parish church by 1285 and appeared as a possession of San Luca in 1482. 

The church lost its status in 1771, when the parish was merged with that of San Valentino.   It was transferred to the Compagnia dei Servatori di Santa Anna in 1779, when the upper of the church was rebuilt.

The church is open to the public only on the feast of St Anne (26th July).   It also hosts meetings of the Confraternita di San Jacopo di Compostela, which was formed in 1981.


The original rose window, which was originally in the apse, is now above the main portal.

The right side of the original structure also survives.


A number of processional banners in the church commemorate pilgrimages made by members of the Confraternita di San Jacopo di Compostela.

Virgin with SS Anne and Joachim (18th century)

This altarpiece by Antonio Maria Garbi is on the high altar.

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