Key to Umbria: Perugia

“St” Bevignate (14th May)


Blessed Colomba da Rieti  (20th May)


Blessed Conrad of Offida (12th December) 


St Constantius (29th January) 


St Florentius (5th June)


Blessed Giles of Assisi (23rd April)


St Herculanus (1st March; 7th November)

This saint, who was Bishop of Perugia and was executed in 547 when that city fell to Totila.  He was documented in the Dialogues of Pope Gregory I and subsequently incorporated anachronistically into the Legend of the Twelve Syrians.

St Peter Abbot (10th July)

St Peter (sometimes named as St Peter Vincioli) founded the Abbazia di San Pietro and was its first abbot.  He died in 1009.

[Other saints]

Sacred Ring of the Virgin (31st July)


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