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Monastero della Santissima Trinità (1210)

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A local landowner gave a vineyard here to Prior Guido of Camaldoli in 1209.  Bishop Giovanni de' Conti gave him permission to build a church and Camaldolesian monastery here in the following year.  It was confirmed as a possession of Camaldoli in 1219 (by the Emperor Henry VI) and in 1227 (by Pope Gregory IX).

Pope Eugene IV united this monastery with San Severo in 1447, and the monks moved there in 1484, leaving their original church and monastery to dereliction. The monastery ruins provided materials for the rebuilding of San Severo in 1745.  

The church was partially demolished in 1793 to make way for the Via San Girolamo.  Its apse survives in the form of a small chapel that is in private ownership.

Art from the Church

Madonna and Child with saints (15th century)

This polyptych from SS Trinità, which is sometimes attributed to Pietro di Nicola Baroni, was taken to San Severo in 1793 and is is now in the Galleria Nazionale.  It depicts the Madonna and Child and SS Catherine of Alexandria, Benedict, John the Baptist and Severus in the panels to the sides.  The predella panels depict SS Louis of Toulouse, Romuald, Francis and Rinaldo: the central predella panel has been lost.  The polyptych is illustrated in the site of the Fondazione Federico Zeri.

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