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Fiorenzo di Giuliano (died after 1608)

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Fiorenzo di Giuliano in:  Cascia     Perugia

Fiorenzo di Giuliano di Geminiano, who was a wood carver and gilder, was documented as in Perugia from 1566.  He is sometimes described also as a painter, but no pictures by him are known.  He worked mainly in his native Perugia, but none of his documented works there survive.


Work in the Duomo (1573-87)

Fiorenzo di Giuliano received a number of small commissions in the Duomo, including:

  1. the gilding of ornaments in the Cappella del Santo Anello in 1573; and

  2. the gilding of the baldacchino the Cappella di Sant’ Onofrio in ca. 1581.

Gilding of Tabernacle (1587)

This tabernacle, which was some 5 meters high and stood on the high altar of the Duomo, was recorded in the 18th century as a “marvellous” work by Bino Sozi.  It was gilded by Fiorenzo di Giuliano, to a design provided by Bino Sozi and under his supervision, in 1587. 

The tabernacle was largely destroyed 1762 so that its gold leaf could be recovered: only the upper part survives, on the altar of the Cappella di San Francesco, to the left of the presbytery of the Duomo.  [It was not there at the time of my visit of 2013]  A drawing (18th century) by Baldassarre Orsini of the complete tabernacle survives in the Accademia di Belle Arti.

Work in San Pietro (1585-1608)

Fiorenzo di Giuliano was commissioned in 1585 to gild the tabernacle (1567) on the high altar of San Pietro.  He received four payments in relation to this tabernacle when it was enhanced in 1608.  It was later replaced by a marble tabernacle and is now lost.

Tabernacle (1592-1602)

The friars of San Francesco al Prato commissioned Fiorenzo di Giuliano to build a magnificent gilded tabernacle, including some 40 statues, for their high altar.  They made the final payment for it in 1602.  Unfortunately, it no longer survives.

Gilded Ceiling (1600)

The Confraternita di San Francesco commissioned Ercole di Tommaso to gild the ceiling of the Oratorio di San Francesco in 1573.  He seems to have let them down, and they were forced to pay Fiorenzo di Giuliano to complete the work in 1600.


Altar and Ciborium (1594)

The Frenfanelli and Franceschini families of Cascia commissioned this gilded wooden altar from Fiorenzo di Giuliano.  It originally on the high altar of San Francesco, where it framed a altarpiece (1596) of the Ascension of Christ by Nicolò Circignani.  The altarpiece provided the backdrop to a gilded wooden ciborium that was also the work of Fiorenzo di Giuliano.  The ciborium remains on the high altar but the altarpiece and its frame are now in the right transept.

It was originally behind the high altar but is now in the right transept.

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