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Important Works of Art in Cascia

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Images below link to pages on the most important artists with works in or from Cascia

Maestro della Dormitio di Terni (ca. 1400)

Probably from Terni

Sixteen frescoes in Sant’ Antonio Abate, which depict scenes from the life of St Antony Abbot, are attributed to the Maestro della Dormitio di Terni (or, according to Filippo Todini (1989), to his follower, the Maestro del Trittico di Terni). 

[Frescoes of the Evangelists in the vaults]

[Temporary link to the Maestro della Dormitio di Terni]

Bartolomeo di Tommaso (ca. 1408-54)

From Terni

The ruined frescoes (ca. 1445) of the Adoration of the Shepherds, the Trinity and St Benedict in San Francesco are by Bartolomeo di Tommaso.

[Temporary link to Bartolomeo di Tommaso]

Nicola di Ulisse (died after 1472)

From Siena

Nicola di Ulise signed the frescoes (1461) in the nuns’ choir of Sant’ Antonio Abate that depict scenes from the life of Christ.  In the inscription, Nicola declares himself to be “ingenio nullo superandus” (unsurpassable in the arts).  [Madonna and Child with saints in San Francesco.]

[Temporary link to Nicola di Ulisse]

Nicolò Circignani, il Pomarancio (died 1596)

From Pomarance, near Volterra, based in Rome

This altarpiece (1596) of the Ascension of Christ in San Francesco, which is signed and dated by inscription, is the last known work by Nicolò Circignani.

Fiorenzo di Giuliano (died after 1608)

From Perugia

This wood carver and gilder worked mainly in his native Perugia, but few of his documented works there survive.  In Cascia, he executed a fine gilded frame (1594) and ciborium for the high altar of San Francesco, both of which survive in the church.  (The frame houses the altarpiece by il Pomarancio above).

[Link to Fiorenzo di Giuliano]

Annibale Carracci (1560-1609)

From Bologna

A panel (16th century) by Annibale Carracci, which depicts a vision in which St Theresa sees Christ carrying the cross appearing, is now exhibited in Sant’ Antonio Abate. 

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Virgilio Nucci (1545-1621)

From Gubbio

Virgilio Nucci, who trained under his father Benedetto (above), began his independent career in ca. 1569.  A large corpus of work in Gubbio is by or attributed to him.  Works in Cascia by or attributed to him include:  [More]

[Temporary link to Virgilio Nucci]

Giacinto Boccanera (1666-1746)

From Leonessa; trained in Rome; based in Perugia

A panel (18th century)  in the Museo Civico, Palazzo Santi, which depicts  SS Emidius, Francesco di Paola and Rita is attributed to Giacinto Boccanera.

[Temporary link to Giacinto Boccanera]

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