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Gerardo Dottori (1884-1977)

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Gerardo Dottori in: Bettona     Perugia

Gerardo Dottori was born in Perugia in Via del Deposito (see Walk IV).  Although his early education was cut short, he was enrolled in the Accademia di Belle Arti di Perugia in 1904.  He became a prominent member of the Futurist Movement and established his career in Rome.  His work was appreciated by the Fascist government, and he produced portrits of Benito Mussolini on a number of occasions.

Gerardo Dottori returned to Perugia in 1939 and served as Director of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Perugia in 1940-7.

The Associazione Culturale Archivi Gerardo Dottori maintains a website devoted to this artist.


Triptych (1923)

This triptych by Gerardo Dottori, which the artist which he gave to the friars of the Convento di Monteripido in 1971, is on the right wall of their church.  The panels depict:

  1. St Francis and the wolf of Gubbio;

  2. the death of St Francis; and

  3. St Francis preaching to the birds.

Works Exhibited in Palazzo della Penna

A collection of works by Gerardo Dottori, many of which he gave to the Commune in 1957, are now exhibited in Palazzo della Penna

Self Portrait (1928)


Bust of Gerardo Dottori (1968)

This bronze portrait bust is by Bruno Arzilli.

Works Exhibited in Museo dell’ Academia


Two works by Gerardo Dottori are exhibited in the Museo dell' Accademia di Belle Arti:

  1. Sun on the Towers (1930), illustrated here on the left; and

  2. Song of the Mountains (1954).

Angels above Lake Trasimeno (1947)


These two frescoes to the sides of the high altar of Sant’ Antonio Abate  are by Gerardo Dottori.

Apotheosis of Rome (20th century)

This fresco by Gerardo Dottori is in the Aula Magna (main hall) of Palazzo Gallenga Stuart.   Aeneas and Romulus, mythical founders of Rome, appear at the top left, with the Coliseum and St Peter’s to the right.  The figures below represent the modern founders of Rome: one of them had the face of Mussolini, but this was replaced after his downfall.


Virgin and Angels (1939)

These frescoes by Gerardo Dottori are in the apse of Santa Maria Maggiore.

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