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Mariotto di Paolo Sensi, il Terzuolo (died 1547)

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Mariotto di Paolo Sensi, il Terzuolo was first documented in 1492 in relation to the commission of wooden furniture for the sacristy of San Giovanni Laterano, Rome: the document described him as “uno dei migliori maestri di legname del tempo” (one of the best masters of wood at that time).   He held the post of Consul for the Quartiere di San Martino on a number of occasions in 1494-1513 and for the Commune on a number of other occasions in 1501-42.  He was a prominent member of the Confraternita di Santa Maria dei Laici and acted as its Prior in 1528 and again in 1538.

Ettore Sannipoli (referenced below) has published a number of documents that relate to il Terzuolo.  In fact, most of those from Gubbio refer to his advice on architectural projects.  The wooden furniture in the sacristy of the Duomo of Perugia (below) is his only known and securely attributed work.


In 1530, the nuns of Santa Lucia sought the advice of il Terzuolo on an appropriate location for a new church and dormitory that was to be built by three Lombard masons, the Maestri Matteo, Quirico and Pietro

Organ Casing (1495)

This documented work in Santa Maria dei Laici no longer survives.

Wooden doors (16th century)

This pair of wooden doors carved with the Montefeltro arms, which is displayed in Palazzo Ducale, is attributed to il Terzuolo.

Lectern (16th century)

The lectern in the choir of San Domenico has traditionally attributed to il Terzuolo, although recent scholarship has thrown this attribution into doubt.


Wooden Furniture (1494-7)

The furniture on the right wall of the sacristy of the Duomo was commissioned from il Terzuolo in 1494 and he was paid for the work in 1497.  The cartoons for the carvings of SS Herculanus, Peter, Paul and Constantius are attributed to Giannicola di Paolo.

Read more:

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