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Saints of Gubbio

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Saints from the Eremo di Fonte Avellana 

This page deals principally with St Peter Damian (23rd February, illustrated here), who was the prior of Fonte Avellana from ca. 1043 until his death in 1072.  Other figures described on this page are:
  1. St John of Lodi (7th September); and

  2. St Albert of Montone (13th April).

See also the link below to the page on “Saints Claimed by the Gabrielli Family”, three of whom were associated with Fonte Avellana.

Saints Claimed by the Gabrielli Family

This page describes four saints thought to have belonged to the Gabrielli family:
  1. three who were associated with Fonte Avellana:

  2. St Forte Gabrielli (9th or 13th May); and

  3. the brothers St Rudolf and Bl Peter Gabrielli (26th June or 17th October); and

  4. the Blessed Castora Gabrielli (14th June).

For the context for the first three, see the link above to the page on “Saints from the Eremo di Fonte Avellana”.

Blessed Sperandio and Associates Saints

This page describes:
  1. the Blessed Sperandio (15th January, illustrated here) and his wife, the Blessed Gennara;

  2. the Blessed Santuccia Carabotti (21st March), who entered the religious life under the spiritual guidance of the Blessed Sperandio; and

  3. the Blessed Sperandia (11th September), who was broadly contemporary with the other saints here and is sometimes wrongly claimed as the sister of the Blessed Sperandio.

Numidian Martyrs

This page describes two groups of Numidian martyrs whose relics were probably brought to Gubbio by Christians fleeing the Vandal invasion of Africa in ca. 500:
  1. SS Marianus and James (30th April, depicted here), whose relics are preserved under the high altar of the Duomo (which is formally dedicated to them);

  2. SS Agapius, Secundinus and companions (29th April), whose  relics are preserved under the high altar of San Secondo; and

  3. St Emilian (29th April), one of the companions of SS Agapius and Secundinus, whose relics were apparently in the Abbazia di Sant’ Emiliano in Congiuntoli from at least the 11th century.

St Secundus (1st June)

St Secundus was martyred in 303 and buried in Amelia on the site of the future Abbazia di San Secondo.  His relics were soon taken to Gubbio and preserved in the church of San Secondo there.  They were translated to Pergola (a new colony of Gubbio) in 1285 and are preserved in the Duomo there.

St Ubaldus (16th May)

St Ubaldus was Bishop of Gubbio  from 1129 until his death in 1160.  He was almost immediately regarded as the city’s patron saint and formally canonised in 1192.  His relics are venerated in the Basilica di Sant’ Ubaldo, the focus of the annual Festa dei Ceri (Feast of the Candles), which draws crowds of celebrants each 15th May.

Relic of St John the Baptist

St John the Baptist has been regarded as a patron saint of Gubbio since at least the 14th century.  This presumed relic of one of his fingers is at the heart of the cult in Gubbio.  This relic was preserved in the church of San Giovanni Battista until 1263 and subsequently moved to the Duomo.  It was taken in procession to San Giovanni Battista each 24th June until the 18th century.  The now-lost reliquary (1329) in which it was housed is depicted in a panel (1830) in San Giovanni Battista.  The celebration of the feast of St John the Baptist was reinstated in Gubbio in 1828.   It was moved back to San Giovanni Battista from the Duomo, probably in ca. 1913 (the date of the present reliquary).

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