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Bernardino di Nanni dell’ Eugenia (died after 1495)

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Bernardino di Nanni dell’ Eugenia in: Gubbio    Spoleto 

Bernardino di Nanni held public office in Gubbio in 1480 and again in 1489.  He seems to have trained under another artist from Gubbio, Domenico di Cecco: when Domenico di Cecco died in 1488, he left all the tools of his trade to Bernardino.  

Hardly any securely documented works by Bernardino di Nanni survive.   


Maestà delle Logge (1473)

This fresco, which is attributed to Bernardino di Nanni, is under what was the loggia of the Ospedale di Santa Maria dei Laici.   It depicts Madonna and Child enthroned with SS Peter and Paul.  The fictive architrave contains a series of coats of arms, and an angel in the lunette above holds an inscription that refers to indulgences granted by Pope Sixtus IV in 1473.

Madonna and Child with saints (1495)

This fresco by Bernardino di Nanni in the lunette above the main entrance to Palazzo dei Consoli depicts the Madonna and Child with SS John the Baptist and Ubaldus.  [The date is written in the vernacular]  Benedetto Nucci repainted it in the 16th century.

Madonna and Child with angels (late 15th century)

This fresco in San Secondo (on the 2nd altar on the left) is attributed alternatively to Bernardino di Nanni or Orlando Merlini.  The angels to the sides of the Virgin, which were added in the 18th century, are attributed to Giacinto Boccanera.


Works in the church of San Michele Arcangelo

The following frescoes [dated by inscription?] in the church of San Michele Arcangelo at Gavelli, outside Spoleto, are attributed to Bernardino di Nanni:

Pietà with saints (1492)

This fresco in the 2nd bay on the left depicts the Pietà with SS Stephen, Valentine, Bernardino of Siena, Antony [of Padua?] and Sebastian.

Fresco (1505)

This fresco in the 3rd bay on the left depict:

  1. God the Father (above);

  2. the Madonna and Child; and

  3. two pairs of saints on each side of the Madonna, identified in the website of the Fondazione Federico Zeri as SS Macarius, James, Philip and [Bordonio ??].

If the attribution is correct, this is the last known work by this artist.

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