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Girolamo Martelli (died after 1647)

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Girolamo Martelli, who was born in Assisi, was both a painter and an architect.  Almost all of his known works are in his native city.  He often worked with Cesare Sermei and Giacomo Giorgetti in the flood of “modernisation” that engulfed Assisi at that time.


Granting of the Portiuncula Indulgence (1639)

This documented fresco by Girolamo Martelli on the facade of the Cappella della Portiuncula was over-painted in 1829.

Frescoes (1645-7)

Frescoes attributed to Girolamo Martelli in the narthex of the Lower Church of San Francesco include this depiction of figures of the Annunciation, in the upper register of the left wall, near the entrance.  It was part of a programme of work that the friars commissioned from Cesare Sermei and Girolamo Martelli.

Decoration of the Cappella di San Sebastiano (1646)

The friars used a bequest from Ortensia and Valerio Pacci in order to commission Girolamo Martelli and Cesare Sermei to to decorate this chapel off the narthex of the Lower Church of San Francesco.  In fact, the decoration of the chapel is attributed solely to the former artist.  It comprises:
  1. the altarpiece, which depicts St Sebastian being comforted during his martyrdom by a vision of the Madonna and Child (illustrated here); and

  2. two frescoes of scenes from the life of St Sebastian

  3. Irene taking care of St Sebastian (on the left wall); and

  4. St Sebastian before the Emperor Domitian (on the right wall).

Figures of the Annunciation (17th century)

These panels in the sacristy of Santa Maria sopra Minerva are attributed to Girolamo Martelli.


Frescoes (17th century)

These frescoes in the vaults of the Oratorio dei Nobili of the Chiesa del Gesù are by Cesare Sermei and Girolamo Martelli.

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