Key to Umbria: Assisi

Walks in Assisi

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The three walks in Assisi all begin in Piazza del Comune (illustrated):

  1. Walk I visits in San Rufino and Rocca Maggiore.

  2. Walk II visits San Damiano, Santa Chiara, Santa Maria Maggiore and San Pietro.

  3. Walk III visits San Francesco and Pinacoteca Comunale. 

The page on Around Assisi describes the following walks or car journeys:

  1. from Porta San Giacomo to Ponte dei Galli and Ponte San Vittorino (two bridges are over the Tescio river, north west of Assisi) and back to Porta San Pietro (or Porta San Francesco);

  2. from Porta dei Cappuccini to the Eremo dei Carceri and the Abbazia di San Benedetto on Monte Subasio;

  3. from Porta Nuova to San Damiano, Rivotorto and Santa Maria degli Angeli, with a walk back to Assisi along the Strada Mattonata; and 

  4. to Rocca Sant’ Angelo, for Santa Maria della Rocchicciola.

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