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Rocca di Trevi (1421) 

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Piazza della Rocca must have been the site of a fortress at some time, but there is no direct evidence of this.  Two fortresses in Trevi are documented, although little is known about either of them:

  1. After Spoleto sacked Trevi in 1214, Pope Innocent III granted the ruins to Foligno, whose Commune apparently rebuilt the town and its fortress.

  2. In 1420, Trevi fell to the three Trinci Lords of Foligno.  Two of them were murdered in January, 1412, but the position of the third, Corrado III Trinci was strengthened in 1421 when Pope Martin V reluctantly appointed him as Papal Vicar of Foligno and Nocera Umbra for three years.  He built (or perhaps rebuilt) the fortress of Trevi at this time.  He rebelled against Martin V in 1424, and Duke Francesco Sforza, the leader of the papal army, took Trevi and destroyed its fortress. 

The ex-church of San Filippo Neri probably stands on the site of one, or perhaps both of these fortresses.

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