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Blessed Roger of Todi (5th January; 5th March)

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St Francis received the Blessed Roger of Todi into the Order in 1216.   According to a collection of the words of St Francis that was probably compiled by Brother Leo in the mid 13th century, the attributes of a perfect friar minor included “the Charity of Brother Roger, whose life and conduct were spent in ardent love”. 

He became the spiritual director of the Blessed Philippa Mareri, who established an early Franciscan nunnery at Rieti before her death in 1236.

In 1235, at the request of Pope Gregory IX, Bishop Boniface of Todi allowed a community of Poor Ladies to establish themselves on Monte Mascarano (later Montesanto) outside Todi.  The privilege, which was sent to the Blessed Roger was found to be defective and reissued by the papal chaplain Giovanni di San Germano in 1236.

Blessed Roger died in 1236 at Sant' Arcangelo delle Fontanelle.   Miracles occurring at his tomb were included in the “Dialogus de Vitis Sanctorum Fratrum Minorum” (ca. 1245) and published as BHL 7290m.

The friars brought his relics to San Fortunato in ca. 1256.  They were venerated in the Cappella Gregoriana of San Fortunato until their recent translation to the Convento di Montesanto.

The cult was confirmed by Pope Benedict XIV (1740-58).

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