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San Lorenzo (ca. 1100)

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The church, which was built on the site of a Roman temple dedicated to Mars, was documented in 1275-80.  Inscriptions inside the church commemorate the fact that the priest, Salvatore Gentileschi restored it in 1616-8. 

The church was damaged in World War II, and the restoration of 1948 revealed that two separate structures (the original church and the 1616-8 extension) had been merged to form its single nave.  The older structure, on the right, had been built on a lower level. 


The façade reflects this building history: the portal (1492) on the right and the bifore window above must have come from another site when this part of the façade was built in 1616-8. 

Walk down Vico San Lorenzo, along the right wall of the church, to see its apse and campanile.


The separate structures were clearly revealed in the restoration of  1948.  The floor of the right hand structure was taken down to its original level at this time and traces of its original mosaic pavement were uncovered in the first bay of the nave.

The bases of two columns that originally separated the nave on the right from separate aisles were also revealed in the restoration.  These now support a statue of St Laurence (on the left) and a Crucifix (on the right).

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