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Mostra di Paleontologia

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The Mostra di Paleontologia is in the ex-church of San Tommaso.  It  features a large collection of fossils and mammals' remains from about 2 million years ago that were found in the Tiber basin, near Terni. 

The most important exhibit is the a complete skeleton of a young doe (Axis nestii) that was fossilised in the position in which the animal died.  The collection also includes the remains of:

  1. a mammoth or elephant (Mammuthus meridionalis);

  2. a rhinoceros (Stephanorhinus etruscus);

  3. a pig (Sus strozzii);

  4. a species of hyena (Pachycrocuta brevirostris);

  5. a horse (Equus stenonis);

  6. a sabre-toothed tiger (Megantereon cultridens);

  7. a species of antelope (Leptobos etruscus); and

  8. a turtle (Emys orbicularis).

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