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Images below link to pages on the most important artists with works in or from Otricoli

Simone and Machilone (died after 1258)

From Spoleto

These artists are known from three signed works.  An altarpiece (13th century) of the Madonna and Child in Santa Maria Assunta is attributed to them.

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Maestro di Narni del 1409

Probably from Narni

Frescoes on an arch in Santa Maria Assunta (illustrated here), which depict saints in tondi and a figure of a standing saint under the arch, are attributed to the Maestro di Narni del 1409.

Pietro da Cortona (1596-1669)

From Cortona, based in Rome

The frescoes in the cupola of the Cappella della Santissimo Sacramento,  Santa Maria Assunta, which depict an Allegory of Prayer, are from a cartoon by Pietro da Cortona, who was one of the leading Baroque artists in Rome.

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