Key to Umbria: Gualdo Tadino

Monastero del Corpo di Cristo (demolished)

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Andrea di Paolo, a monk in the Abbazia di San Benedetto, formed the Congregazione del Corpo di Cristo in the early 14th century.  This congregation, which established a monastery outside Porta San Benedetto, followed a form of the Cistercian Rule that laid particular emphasis on the Eucharist and the Feast of Corpus Domini.  Bishop Alessandro Vincioli approved it in 1328 and Pope Gregory XI gave his formal assent in 1377.

The Monastero di SS Gervasio e Protasio at Capodacqua, outside Gualdo Tadino joined the congregation in 1345.

In 1373, the church of Santa Maria in Campis, Foligno joined the congregation in a ceremony attended by the Trinci lords. 

Pope Boniface IX visited Santa Maria in Campis in 1392, following which he reconfirmed the papal approval of the congregation and moved its headquarters to Santa Maria in Campis since the monastery in Gualdo Tadino was by that time unfit for purpose.

In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII transferred Santa Maria in Campis to the Olivetan order, and the Congregazione del Corpo di Cristo came to an end.